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Coffee MIRU

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Coffee MIRU
Проект Тимофея Вишнякова и Кирилла Покровского (SENS studio) Дизайнер интерьера

Год: 2018

Площадь: 17 м2

Позиционирование: эконом

Стиль: минимализм

Тип: кафе

Coffee Miru is a small coffee shop in the depths of the St. Petersburg courtyard, in the territory of the creative area "Outhouse". It is not the first year here, every day, seven days a week, the barista and the owner Eugene, have been working. He literally lives in his coffee house and makes excellent coffee, and most of the visitors know him personally.

From the very beginning it was important to find the right ratio of workspace and space for guests, as well as create comfortable conditions for the work of the owner and maintain freedom of movement.

With the help of the coffee dispenser and the integrated display cabinet for baking, the space was divided into two equal parts. The layout of the guest area is organized by a long bench along the wall, with free arrangement of side tables. The symmetrical ceiling in the form of a gable roof became a recognizable image of space.

Designers strictly limited themselves in the choice of materials, narrowing the choice to two or three. They decided to leave the MDF material in its natural color, because in fact it is the same cardboard for cups and packaging for baking. Graphics on the furniture pieces is similar to infographics on boxes for transportation.

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