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CTS4 Coffee Table

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CTS4 Coffee Table
Artem Sedov Промышленный дизайнер, Russia

Категория: Реализованный проект

Тип: Мебель

Стиль: Минимализм,Модерн

Позиционирование: Бизнес

Местоположение: Россия, Саратов

Год: 2017

This bespoke coffee table was developed for a private interior basing on the large TDS4 dining table/desk. The coffee table is made of only two plywood parts, a tempered glass tabletop, and 4 stainless steel bolts & nuts. Bolts are UV-glued to the glass. Each of the two plywood parts is laminated of two 30-mm thick CNC-cut pieces. The design is very light, rigid, extremely cost efficient and allows for a very flexible colour scheme, for instance different colors for each leg and even different faces. Legs have soft padding to protect the flooring. The table is delivered in a flat pack and is easily assembled by one person.
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