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CS1 coffee table

Конкурсные работы
CS1 coffee table
Artem Sedov Промышленный дизайнер, Russia

Категория: Концептуальный проект

Тип: Мебель

Стиль: Минимализм

Позиционирование: Бизнес

Местоположение: Россия, Саратов

Год: 2018

The idea: to produce a cost effective furniture piece without compromising the quality, style and design. The solution: simple MDF structure with a tempered glass inlay. Two MDF layers are kerf-bent with steaming and laminated together over a template. Before MDF bending a recess for the glass panel is made, then the glass is UV-glued to the MDF. A reinforcing rib below the countertop improves stability. Both legs have soft padding to protect the flooring. Various price-point colors are available: black, black+RAL5015, RAL3024+black, veneer+RAL3024, "liquidmetal" coating. A larger desk of the same design is also available.
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