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Категория: Концептуальный проект

Тип: М_5 / Красногорск

Стиль: Современный стиль

Позиционирование: Люкс

Площадь: 124 м²

Местоположение: Россия, Красногорск

Год: 2023

Solution description:

In the proposed solution, the logo branding material was used as the main basis of the design. A striking dark blue color is used throughout the project, and in addition, the "line" in the logo itself between the letter M and the number 5 is also applied to the wall and ceiling surfaces of the interior in the form of vertical beams on the walls. and horizontal beams on the ceiling.

To add a bit of nature to the interior, wall panels in wood decor were used, as well as vertical elements representing the line connecting the two objects on the site (symbolism from the logo).

Materialization: wooden decor in the form of HPL panels is applied throughout the interior, in combination with RAL 5011 colors, which is also taken from the color of the logo, completed with ITALON ceramics for the floor, mirrors, line and point lighting on the ceiling.

The use of greenery in the interior emphasizes the surrounding greenery and thus connects the interior and exterior space. The panoramic windows have been retained to provide natural light in the interior.

Functional solution: the same layout of the rooms is kept with added and changed furniture layout. The furniture used is from well-known world brands such as B&B Italia, FLOS LIGHT, Abaco, Kerama Marazzi.
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