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ADDAWARDS.RU 2023: Season Starts!


ADDAWARDS.RU 2023: Season Starts!

The International Independent Award for Architects, Designers and Developers opens its IX season on March 15th. This year we are even more emphasizing the importance of the completed projects and launching new main nominations.

Main Nominations

Taking into account the experience of past seasons, the participants’ wishes and the experts and jury members’ recommendations, in the IX season of the Award, the composition of the main nominations is changing. The changes will make it possible to specify the nominations, simplify the evaluation of equivalent works and make it even more objective, as well as expand the possibilities for submitting projects.

The key nominations, which traditionally include a large number of works, will be divided into subcategories: business, premium and luxury. The HoReCa nomination is being transformed into two independent nominations "Hotels" and "Restaurants & Cafes", reflecting different approaches to organizing spaces and creating design concepts. The same principle is laid down in the allocation of other independent nominations: "Landscape Design" (private gardening and landscaping projects), "Urban Environment" (public spaces and urban projects), "Retail" (showrooms, boutiques, salons, shopping centers, entertainment complexes), "Business Interiors" (business centers, offices, co-working spaces, work areas).

Concidering the number of submitted works in previous seasons, the importance and specifics of design, the Organizing Committee decided to allocate a new main nomination "Beauty & Health Industry", which will include completed and conceptual projects of medical centers, beauty salons, SPA and sports complexes, fitness centers.

Main Nominations

1. Interior of a city apartment up to 100 sq. m

- Business

- Premium

- Lux

Nomination partner: Miller's Brigade, which provides services for the repair and decoration of apartments

2. The interior of a city apartment from 100 sq. m

- Business

- Premium

- Lux

Nomination partner: Russian company, distributor and manufacturer of doors, floor coverings and furniture Dolce Porte

3. Countryside Residence & Townhouse.

- Business

- Premium

- Lux

Nomination partner: German brand of premium home appliances BORA

4. Retail

5. Business Interiors

6. Hotels

7. Restaurants & Cafes

8. Public Spaces of Residential Complexes

9. Interior & Exterior Items

10. Landscape Design 

11. Urban Environment

12. Beauty & Health Industry

Special Nominations

Already at the start of the season, the partners not only supported the main nominations, but also became the founders of special nominations and competitions.

The online store and furniture manufacturer TOP Concept has established a competition for interior designers for the best minimalist project using products and solutions from TOP Concept. The company accepts visualizations and completed projects that reflect modern design with a minimal set of decor and details, but at the same time stylish and comfortable, with original planning solutions.

The Russian manufacturer of kitchens "according to the Italian recipe" Ziti Сucine launches a special nomination "Kitchen as a space of innovations and unique solutions". The visualizations and completed projects of neoclassical and modern kitchens should demonstrate original solutions in construction and design.

The Russian furniture manufacturer TOK invites you to take part in the competition "The Best Interior with TOK Furniture". Conceptual and completed projects are accepted for the competition, and a project that includes at least two pieces of TOK furniture can claim the first place.

The website of the Award will host the All-Russian competition for young designers and architects "The Space", which was established by the development group of companies "Garden Ring". The contest participants will have the opportunity to develop design projects for one of the developer's residential complexes in Ufa and Krasnogorsk. Applications for participation are accepted until May 15.

Completed & Conceptual Projects

In the IX season, only completed projects that have passed 3D-examination will be able to compete for valuable prizes from partners and author's figurines from the first Russian designer in the Meta-Universe Ekaterina Elizarova. The authors of the best conceptual projects will be awarded diplomas of the winners. This year, projects created in 2021-2023 that have not previously participated in ADDAWARDS.RU can participate in the New Season.

The Main Stages of the Season

10.03 – 30.09 — projects’ submitting in the main and special nominations

09.10 – 18.11 — voting of the expert council, formation of the shortlist

19.11 – 30.11 — professional jury voting

December — exhibition and business program as part of summing up the VIII season results, awards ceremony*


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* The date of the Awards Ceremony is provisional. The organizing committee reserves the right to make changes to the timing of the award. The Awards Ceremony will take place in December in person.

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